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Risk Management - Property Damage


What is a sewer main and what is a sewer service connection?

  • A sewer main is the pipe, normally located under the street to which the service from the house is connected and is normally a gravity feed system relying on the slope from the house to the main for discharge.
  • The sewer service connection is the length of pipe connecting the house to either the storm main or the sanitary main, normally located in the street. The Surrey Sewers Bylaw requires that a homeowner notify the City of a blockage in the sanitary or storm services. Surrey crews will determine whether the blockage is in the main or in the service on the City side of the property line.

What causes a sewer back-up?

  • Most sewer back-ups occur because of a pipe being plugged.

How should I deal with a back-up?

  • Be aware of electrical hazards! If the service is plugged, the homeowner will usually require a sewer or plumbing contractor to clear the system. (These contractors are listed in the Yellow Pages under "Plumbing Contractors".)

Should I call my insurance company?

  • Yes
  • Many insurance policies cover sewer back-ups and this is the quickest way to have repairs made and recover costs. As well, sanitary back-ups present a health risk and should be dealt with appropriately.

In any flooding situation be aware of electrical hazards !

For your own safety call a professional plumbing or restorations contractor
after a sanitary back-up !



What are water mains and what is a water service?

  • Water mains run under the road and supply potable water to the sevices and fire hydrants to which it is connected.
  • A water service delivers water from the main to your building.
  • Water mains are under pressure and where a crack develops, the pressure exploits the weakness and the main blows.

My property is flooded. What should I do?

  • If possible, protect your property from further damage. Be aware of electrical hazards when you are moving property in the affected area. Keep any damaged property for inspection by your insurance company.

Should I notify Surrey about the water main break?

  • Yes
  • Crews can be dispatched to shut off the water supply to that section of the water main to stop further damage.

Should I call my insurance company?

  • Yes
  • Most insurance policies provide coverage for damages caused by water main break.



I have damaged my vehicle in a pothole. What should I do first?

  • Do not continue to drive the vehicle if it is not operating properly. Contact your collision insurers at your earliest opportunity.

Should I notify Surrey of the pothole or road hazard?

Will Surrey pay for my vehicle damage?

  • In most cases - No
  • As a matter of policy, Surrey relies primarily on the traveling public to report problems with the roads and is not liable for damages sustained to vehicles in the absence of prior notice. City crews respond to repair potholes as quickly as possible once notified.



What should I do if my property is damaged as a result of construction?

  • Write down the details of when and how the damage occurred, as well as who was doing the construction work. Surrey requires that all their contractors carry insurance.

Should I call my insurance company?

  • Yes
  • Your insurance policy may provide coverage for your damages. Your insurers can pursue any party it believes to be responsible for the damages.

Should I notify Surrey about my damages?

  • Yes
  • Surrey expects to be notified promptly of any damage caused either by Surrey Works Crews or any contractor working for Surrey.