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Award Programs

2015 Surrey Civic Treasure award recipients

City-led award programs recognize leaders and outstanding achievements in our community.

2017 City Awards Logo

City Awards Program

Learn about the City Awards Program and submit a nomination.

Citizen of the Year 2017

Good Citizen Award

Learn about the Surrey annual Good Citizen Award, given to a person who's given outstanding service to our community.

SASSY Awards

Celebrate youth aged 16 to 21 who are making a difference in our community, demonstrating service above self.

2016 Civic Treasures (second from left) Mohammed Aminul Islam, Virginia Gillespie, Allen Aubert (Ursula Maxwell-Lewis is absent)

Surrey Civic Treasure Awards

Celebrate Surrey's 2017 Civic Treasures Oct 3 at the annual Business and the Arts Reception!

Poet Laureate

Surrey Poet Laureate

Meet Surrey's inaugural Poet Laureate, who earned her role as part of the 2015 Surrey Poet Laureate project.