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Wildlife & Habitats

Red Tailed Hawk image

Surrey has wildlife habitat both on land and in water. Our wildlife habitat is often influenced by urban, suburban and rural development. The interactions between people and their natural environment raises many issues and concerns from residents, and presents challenges for Surrey’s wildlife.

Wildlife and the natural environment is important to Surrey residents. Through partnerships, education and understanding of the value of natural areas, Surrey can prosper while having an healthy natural legacy into the future.

Surrey contains many areas that are deemed environmentally sensitive. Environmentally sensitive areas can include a variety of different features, such as ravines, watercourses, wetlands, treed slopes, bird nesting grounds, and waterfront areas.

Learn more on our approach to wildlife and their habitats in our Ecosystem Management Study and our Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.

Learn more about Surrey's involvement in managing wildlife, aquatic species and the natural environment resources within the City:

In some cases, animals displaced from their natural environment can be seen as a nuisance, or even identified as pests, because they interfere with human environments in a negative way. The Fraser Health Authority and the BC Government webpages offer sound advice when considering management techniques for commonly identified nuisance animals, such as rodents, raccoons or coyotes.