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Fish Protection and Programs

Several Coho Salmon Fry swimming in Surrey.

Surrey has approximately 1400 kilometres of urban watercourses running through its neighbourhoods, parklands and alongside roads. These streams provide spawning and rearing habitat for 5 species of salmon and trout, and a variety of wildlife. Visit the streams at the right time of the year and you will luck out by seeing spawning salmon returning to their home streams from their long journey in the Pacific Ocean. In one season, over 900 spawning Chum salmon have been observed in Bear Creek in Bear Creek Park!

Join the building community of stream stewards in the city and participate in activities to protect and enhance stream habitat for local salmon and trout. Stream stewards work to preserve Surrey's natural habitat for salmon and trout and many local schools, stewardship groups and government agencies are joining us to all take part in activities.

Find out more about storm water pollution and water quality programs that support healthy creeks.

The webpages highlighted below provide more information about the ways the City protects fish habitat as Surrey develops and the programs that work to enhance community engagement in caring for our local streams and creeks.

Spawning Steelhead

Surrey Fish Facts

Have you seen some fish in Surrey? Learn about all the places fish live in Surrey and the Fisheries Map.

Stewards of Salmon and Trout

Fish Programs

Find out about the programs you can take part in to protect salmon and trout in Surrey.

Chinook salmon in Serpentine River

Spot Salmon in Surrey

Find terrific salmon and trout viewing locations in Surrey.

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