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Surrey's Cultural Grants Program

SOFIA/C receiving award package presented by Councillor Villeneuve. Cultural Grants Program 2013 Awards Celebration, photographed by Brian Giebelhaus.

The vision of the Cultural Grants Program is to support and enhance arts and heritage in Surrey through:

  • Building organizational capability and sustainability in existing and new local cultural organizations;
  • Investing in community-based cultural activities that promote awareness, access, participation and appreciation of arts and heritage; and
  • Encouraging collaborative opportunities and partnerships.

Review the Surrey Cultural Grants Program Guidelines to find out if you are eligible for a Cultural Grant and how to apply.

Cultural Grants awarded in 2017

Grant categories

Grants are awarded in each of the following three (3) categories:

Capacity Building Grants

Under this category, grants up to $2500 are provided to qualified groups to support the organizations’ development needs, including but not restricted to any of the following:

  • training,
  • workshops,
  • conferences,
  • applying for registered not-for-profit status,
  • Board development activities,
  • marketing, and
  • strategic planning.

Project Grants

Under this category, grants are provided to encourage partnerships and collaborations that result in cultural programs and initiatives.

The grant award contributes up to fifty percent (50%) of the program budget on a matching basis, which could include in-kind contributions. The maximum grant under this category is $5000.

Cultural Sustainability Grants

Under this category, grants are provided to assist with costs for an organization to provide cultural-based servicing in the City. Such a grant would be a "one-time" grant.

The applicant would need to provide a business plan as part of its application that demonstrates economic viability and includes demonstration of secured funding for at least eighty percent (80%) of the current year’s budget for the organization.

The grant is limited to the lesser of $5000 or twenty percent (20%) of the organization’s annual budget and could recognize the value of in-kind contributions by the organization.

Previously awarded Cultural Grants

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Feature image: SOFIA Collective receiving award package, presented by Councillor Villeneuve during the Cultural Grants Program 2013 Awards Celebration, photographed by Brian Giebelhaus.