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Engineering Customer Services

The Engineering Department offers many services to the residents of Surrey. Below are some of the most common:

Building a house with basement

To build a basement home, your designer or contractor must determine whether the service connections are deep enough and have adequate capacity to allow basement construction. Basements must have a gravity storm service connection.

Learn more about the requirements for building a house with a basement.

Connecting an existing house to sanitary sewer

You will require a permit issued by the Engineering Department to work within the City road right of way as well as obtaining a contractor.

Learn more about the process for connecting an existing house to a sanitary sewer.

Finding a lot size

To find a lot size (area) go into COSMOS, Surrey's GIS mapping system, enter the address under "Address Search" and click the search button. Click the "Property Report" (house) icon at the top of the page for lot area and other information.

For lot dimensions, click on the "Layers" icon at the top, go into Property > Lot Dimensions, and turn on all the layers in this folder to show the dimensions of the property.

Important resources and documents

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Engineering Customer Services at or 604-591-4340.

Report problems with your drinking water, sanitary sewerdrainage, or roads and other problems or requests.

An aerial view of a land development site in Surrey.

General Information Guides

Get overviews of Surrey Engineering Department requirements.

Inspector at Job Site

Engineering Inspection Services

Learn about engineering inspections for site construction and land development inspections.

ENG - Ditch Enclosures

Ditch Enclosures

Learn the process to infill or enclose a ditch in Surrey.

Person looking at calendar

Calendars, Stickers & Bags

Use your Surrey address to find your 2018 waste collection schedule.

Glass of water

Drinking Water Protection

Protect our drinking water through the City's Cross Connection Control Program.

Soil and erosion

Soil & Erosion

Learn how Surrey handles soil issues and helps control erosion by issuing permits.

Soil Deposit & Removal Permits

Learn about Surrey's soil deposition and removal processes and permit requirements.

Engineering Bulletins

Review Surrey engineering bulletins, notices and announcements.