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Archives Collection

Archives staff working in the Collections

The collection at the Surrey Archives is a vast resource for anyone wishing to learn more about Surrey's history. Whether a local resident with a question about a person or building or a researcher gathering information for a school project or book, the collection is available to complete your search.

For more information, please email or call 604-502-6459.

Start Your Online Archival Search

The reference library at the Surrey Archives

Reference Materials

Begin your Surrey history research with the Reference Materials at Surrey Archives.

Cameo Theatre, 1950s. City of Surrey Photograph


See your City's history through the historical photographs at Surrey Archives.

Municipal Council in Session, November 1962

Historic City Records

Explore the the historical records of the City of Surrey, housed at the Surrey Archives.

Historic Maps & Plans

Chart the history of Surrey with the maps and plans housed at the Surrey Archives.

Mother's Day in Surrey - 1960

Community Records

Search for private papers, manuscripts and organizational records.

Civil Defense Office, 1960s

Oral History

Listen to oral history interviews or read over transcripts in the Surrey Archives Oral History Collection.

Fry's Corner painting - 1925

Documentary Art

Catch a glimpse of Surrey through the eye of an artist who captured Surrey on canvas.