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Volunteer Stories

Youth Volunteers

Be a part of the community at your town centre! Like Jen and Sylvia, you can connect youth to programs, services, and each other.

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Pictured Above Left to Right: Amatai Zand (City of Surrey), Jen Marchbank (August Volunteer of the Month), Sylvia Traphan (August Volunteer of the Month), Danielle Fontaine (City of Surrey), Mandy Jones (City of Surrey)

Volunteers of the Month

Every month we feature our fantastic volunteers with an online profile. The City of Surrey is committed to celebrating its volunteers throughout our community because of their amazing contribution in making Surrey a great place to be.

August 2017: Jen & Sylvia

How long have you been volunteering? 

We've both volunteered for various organisations in Surrey since around 2007. We founded Youth for A Change in March 2012 so we've been volunteering there for over 5 years.

What do you love about volunteering?

This is a great city with wonderful people. Our youth, especially our marginalised youth, are often looked upon as needing help, Youth for A Change youth want to and DO make change for themselves and others.

What is the most rewarding part of volunteering?

Volunteers can often provide services that are not available through other agencies.

Youth for A Change is the only LGBTQ+ youth group dedicated to activism, education and advocacy.

Tell us about an achievement that you’re really proud of.

 We are always proud when a youth/group of youth break through their own limitations and achieve something great. Youth for A Change was part of a group with Quirk-e (senior LGBTQ+ group) and academics from SFU together we created Canada's first educational materials on elder abuse in the LGBTQ+ community (5 posters in 3 languages and 3 videos)

Past Volunteers of the Month

July 2017: Hardish

Hardish: "The satisfaction I get for doing something good for our community is indescribable."

June 2017: Salime

Salime: "I am proud of everything I do as a City of Surrey volunteer especially when I help a young family connect with the many community resources available."