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With a 22% increase in volunteer participation from 2015, Surrey residents are getting involved in their communities. Volunteering connects people to their neighbourhood and strengthens their sense of belonging. It is an important part in creating building community and increasing public safety. As part of the Public Safety Strategy, we will continue to build a volunteer team that is just as diverse as the City of Surrey.

"From learning how to make phone calls, to perfecting my socializing skills, this experience benefitted me in more ways than one. Being as young as I am, it's a great feeling to know that I can, indeed, make a difference."
- Mehtab, City of Surrey Volunteer

The Volunteerism program will continue to:

  • Attract and embrace diverse populations to create a thriving community where all are welcome.
  • Work with City staff, community agencies, provincial and national organizations.
  • Promote the role and value of volunteerism in Surrey.
  • Support, recognize and reward volunteers and their achievements.

How we'll measure success

  • Increase in the percentage of participants reporting positive self-esteem and community connections as a result of the program
  • Increase in the number of volunteer hours contributed by participants
  • Increase in the number of volunteers across city programs
  • Increase in percentage of number of participants securing employment following participation in volunteer programs
  • Increase in the number of volunteer opportunities offered at a variety of levels

There are currently 3,153 registered and active City of Surrey volunteers.


Take part in the I Care About Our Surrey campaign to show how we're #SaferTogether.

Three volunteers from Surrey's 2010 Olympic celebrations.

New Volunteers

Get details on how to start as a new volunteer with the City of Surrey.

Volunteers wearing volunteer tshirts at an event.

Registered Volunteers

Keep up to date on volunteer news and see the training and benefits you can get as a volunteer in the City of Surrey.

Fusion Festival volunteers at a table

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn about the volunteer programs within Surrey Parks, Recreation & Culture and which ones are currently recruiting.

Volunteer Stories

Volunteer Stories

Learn how our City of Surrey volunteers inspire us each and every day.

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