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Heritage Sites in Surrey

Heritage Inventory

Surrey's Heritage Inventory is a list of properties and features that potentially have heritage significance but require further evaluation before being considered by Council for addition to the City's community heritage register. Properties and features are identified and added to this list by:

  • Council or the Heritage Advisory Commission;
  • The public through the development process or the "Hunt for Heritage Places";
  • City staff, consultants, or the public through the Neighbourhood Concept Plan process; and
  • Site inspection.

Community Heritage Register

Surrey's Community Heritage Register is a list of properties and features identified as having heritage character or heritage value. The placement of a property or feature on the City's heritage register requires a thorough evaluation of a property or feature along with photographs, documentation, and archival research. Site evaluation may take into consideration factors such as:

  • architectural details,
  • historical connotation,
  • association with persons or events,
  • cultural significance,
  • architectural integrity,
  • overall context,
  • landmark value,
  • structural condition, and
  • potential for continued use or adaptive re-use.

A community heritage register:

  • facilitates integration of heritage considerations with community planning;
  • enables monitoring of properties through licensing and permit application processes;
  • informs property owners and prospective buyers of property's heritage value;
  • in itself does not provide heritage protection;
  • enables a local government to withhold approvals and demolition permits for a listed properties; and
  • enables a local government to require an impact assessment if changes are proposed. 

The addition of a property or feature to the City's Community Heritage Register, as well as its removal, requires Council approval. Properties and features listed on a community heritage register are also listed in the Provincial Heritage Register and can be eligible for nomination to the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

For more information, see frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the City of Surrey's Community Heritage Register.

Protected Heritage Properties

Properties or features listed on Surrey's community heritage register can become protected heritage properties. Registered heritage properties and features may be protected either on a voluntary basis through an agreement between an owner and the City or on an initiative of Council.

Council-initiated heritage protection is most often directed toward

  • public lands or buildings,
  • City roads, and
  • institutional buildings such as churches, schools and community halls.

Guidelines apply for the conservation, maintenance, and alteration of protected heritage properties. Not all protected properties have the same guidelines or requirements. A notice goes on title for protected properties and owners of protected heritage properties are eligible to apply for financial incentives available from the City.

For more information about heritage protection, see the publication "Protecting Heritage Sites in Surrey". (PDF. New window.)

Check out the Sustainability Dashboard to see the trend in Surrey's protected heritage sites.

You can also view a map of registered and protected heritage properties and features in Surrey.