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Parks, Recreation & Culture Strategic Plan


The PRC Strategic Plan is the guiding document used to plan the development of new parks, recreation facilities and cultural services in Surrey. The current 10-year strategic plan was completed in 2008 and expires at the end of 2017. We've started work on a new Strategic Plan, and starting in early 2017 we are going to be asking for your ideas and feedback.

Community Engagement

Starting in 2017, we will be offering a variety of opportunities to get involved and shape the new plan. Subscribe below to our eNews to stay up-to-date about the Plan's progress and for opportunties to get involved. Otherwise, check back here shortly for more information on upcoming events and consultation opportunities.

Project Timeline

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  • Phase 1 - Project Preparation expand
  • Phase 1 - Project Preparation

    July to December 2016

    This phase included assigning a project team, briefing committees, scheduling, hiring consultants and budgeting.

  • Phase 2 - Background & Context expand
  • Phase 2 - Background & Context

    October 2016 to February 2017

    This phase includes an inventory of existing PRC facilities and services, a review of population and demographics, best practices & trends, and preparation for the upcoming community engagement process.

  • Phase 3 - Community Consultation expand
  • Phase 3 - Community Consultation

    March to July 2017

    Starting in March, we will go live with a comprehensive community consultation process, including a schedule of events and activities aimed at gathering your ideas and feedback. This phase also includes a technical review of what we do and offer, to identify gaps in services, facilities and amenities. 


  • Phase 4 - Plan Development expand
  • Phase 4 - Plan Development

    June to December 2017

    Starting in the Summer, we will undertake a review of the community consultation process and start to prioritize the strategies and actions for the new plan. Once a draft plan is ready, we will host more public events to review the results.  

  • Phase 5 - Plan Approval expand
  • Phase 5 - Plan Approval

    November 2017 to March 2018

    In this final phase we will refine the plan, complete a financial review and undertake the approval process. We expect final Council adoption of the Plan in March 2018.


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