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Teachers' Resources & Programs

Teachers learn about artmaking at one of the Gallery's Pro-D days


Teacher Pro-D Day Workshops at the Gallery

These half-day workshops take place during select SD36 Professional Development Days and include a guided tour of the exhibitions focusing on strategies for helping students understand and respond to contemporary art, a school programs orientation, and a hands-on workshop led by a professional art educator that introduces classroom-friendly art activities related to the exhibitions. Materials, handouts and refreshments provided.

9:30am–1:30pm | $25 per person

May 5, 2017 (onsite at the Surrey Teachers’ Association Annual Convention)

Customized Teacher Pro-D Day Workshops

Looking for a dynamic program for your next professional development day? We can customize a Pro-D session for your group providing inquiry-based strategies for teaching with artworks and leading hands-on art activities. Workshops can be scheduled at the Gallery or at your school on a day that works for you. Contact the Interpretive Programmer at or at 604-501-5190 for more information.

Exhibition-based Programming at the Gallery

Whether you’re planning a Gallery visit with your class or seeking out ideas for teaching with contemporary art, join us at the Gallery for events such as artist talks, exhibition tours, artists’ panel discussions and opening receptions. To find out about upcoming eventssign up to receive the Surrey Art Gallery's monthly e-newsletter.

Artist Interviews

Further your students' understanding of Indigenous contemporary art and issues relevant to your local community. Watch our video interviews with artists and learn about their influences, artistic practices, and artwork in their own words! Prior to watching, download the accompanying educational handouts with additional quotes from the artist, related themes, and strategies to engage your students. Check back for new resources.

Brandon Gabriel

Educational Handout: Brandon Gabriel & Melinda Bige—Four Seasons
Interview Extras: Transcript—Brandon Gabriel discussing Four Seasons drums

Teachers' Guides

Indigenous Contemporary Art Workshop Guides

The following guides were developed as preparation and follow-up for the Sharing Perspectives: Indigenous Contemporary Art Workshop currently taught by artist-educator Roxanne Charles. They contain inquiry-focused activities and discussion questions that reinforce ideas and processes related to the practices of the instructor and of Indigenous artists mentioned during the workshop. Links to the new BC curriculum and a resources section are included in both the grades K−3 and 4−12 versions of the guide.

Sharing Perspectives: Indigenous Contemporary Art Workshop
With Artist-Educator Roxanne Charles
Grades K−3

Sharing Perspectives: Indigenous Contemporary Art Workshop
With Artist-Educator Roxanne Charles
Grades 4−12

Exhibition Guides

These downloadable Guides contain exhibit information, as well as hands-on activities and discussion that will prepare your students for their Gallery visit and engage them in the classroom afterwards. These activities reinforce the ideas and processes explored in the exhibition, thereby providing continuity between the Gallery visit and classroom. The Guides include curriculum links, vocabulary, and a resource section. Exhibition Guides are created for the current exhibitions. Check regularly for new publications.

"Completing the Gallery Teachers’ Guide helped prepare and get the students excited about what they were going to see. The students were incredibly excited to actually see the exhibit.” - Cloverdale Christian School

Jim Adams: The Irretrievable Moment
High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese

Out of Sight: Eadweard Muybridge & Harold Edgerton
Zoopraxis: Eadweard Muybridge's Animal Kingdom
Scott Billings: A Risky Jump

Mimetic Workshop: Studio Still Lifes of Fiona Ackerman & Kelly Lycan
Small Stages: Still Life from the Permanent Collection
Jay Bundy Johnson: Being still (life) shows us who we are

Nep Sidhu: Shadows in the Major Seventh

Graeme Patterson: Secret Citadel

Views from the Southbank III: Information, Objects, Mappings

Views from the Southbank II: Moments, Reflections, Intervals

Views from the Southbank I: Histories, Memories, Myths

Flora and Fauna: 400 Years of Artists Inspired by Nature
Ruptures in Arrival: Art in the Wake of the Komagata Maru

(Da bao)(Takeout)

Sarindar Dhaliwal: Narratives from the Beyond and Figuring Ground: Sylvia Grace Borda and Jeremy Herndl
Spectacular Sangeet
The future is already here: Alex McLeod and Brendan Tang
Ornamentalism: Clint Neufeld and Dirk Staschke
Beyond the Vessel's Edge: Ceramics from the Permanent Collection
Scenes of Selves, Occasions for Ruses
Echoes of the Artist: Works from the Permanent Collection 
Vision Machine: Marianne Nicolson & Etienne Zack
Cao Fei: Simulus
Beyond Vague Terrain: The City and the Serial Image
Game Show
Harun Farocki: Deep Play
Quilt of Belonging