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Turf Field Etiquette

  • Please be aware of your team's beginning and finish times.Teams are not allowed on the field until their booking starts. Teams must be off the field before the start of the next booking. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Please give yourself enough time to move the portable goals back to their respective storage areas if the field is changing sports. i.e. Soccer to Football.
  • Only players and coaches are allowed on the field (This is to minimize surface contamination from spectator shoes and boots).
  • No food or drinks, gum, sunflower seeds, metal cleats, bikes, pets or tobacco allowed on the field.
  • Please do not spit sunflower seeds onto the field when watching games. They are extremely difficult and time consuming to remove.
  • Water is O.K.
  • Please pick up and remove tape and any other foreign materials left at your team's bench and surrounding areas.
  • Prior to entering the field, please clean your cleats with the cleat cleaners provided near the main entrances.
  • All portable soccer goals are to be moved back to their respective storage facilities after use.
  • Field entrance gates are equipped with an S.P.#1 lock that must be secured after the last event of the day. No exceptions.