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Sports Field Maintenance

Balancing Play & Maintenance on Grass Sports Fields

The City of Surrey has numerous high quality athletic facilities for the outdoor sporting community. Each year, tens of thousands of Surrey residents enjoy these facilities for baseball, cricket, field hockey, field lacrosse, football, rugby, soccer and other outdoor activities.

With relatively mild winters, outdoor sports are a year-round activity in south west British Columbia.  However, winter use requires good stewardship from City staff in conjunction with our user groups, in order to preserve the playability of these high quality assets throughout the playing season.

All natural grass sports fields need an annual rest period so they can be restored to their original condition. This renovation period must also include a re-establishment timeframe for new grass seedlings to mature and densify.

For fall/winter allocated fields, the renovation period is May to early August.
For summer allocated fields, the renovation period is mid-August to early October. These two periods offer a naturally favorable growing environment, ensuring the best possible results with the fewest resources.

With the City's growing population, play on outdoor athletic fields continues to grow as well.  This growth and the perceived increase in unpermitted play, can create maintenance challenges in sustaining high quality turf grass surfaces. Therefore, judicious measures are required to limit play in order to ensure the long term health of these living organisms.

Through the cooperation of the sports associations, it is hoped that grass sports fields in Surrey will consistently be in a safe and playable state. This involves managing not only the total amount of play a field receives, but the timing of the play and rest periods as well.

Soccer ball being kicked.

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