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PARKit Design Challenge


PARKit Design Challenge 2016

UBC Landscape Architecture students submitted 9 designs for the PARKit design challenge. Thanks to Assistant Professor Kris Fox (now at the University of Calgary) and instructor Alex Man-Bourdon for providing guidance and support for the students in this design/build opportunity.

Winning Submission: Surrey Spot

By Tian Tian and Huan Pan

The design originally called "polka dot" is an outdoor stage that references a small scale theatre. The design is based on a "spot" idea and uses circles to soften the edges of the skytrain columns, parking lot corners and concrete. The circles appear in every element of the design including benches, piano, ground plane and bar seats. A bench with metal poles can be played like a xylophone. Bright orange, yellow and blue create a colourful and inviting space for pedestrians.

Honourable Mention: Soundtrack

By Teena Aujla and Jaclyn Kaloczi

Soundtrack is about participatory music where people can either play a few notes or sit back and enjoy the scene and sound. Two xylophone tables, metal drums, musical chairs, a street piano and wind chimes encourage social interaction in creating sounds. The design incorporates seating for 22 people.

Honourable Mention: Dreamscape

By Tatum Lawylor and Ivy Smith

Characterized by vibrant grassy mounds and an overhead "cloud" feature, Dreamscape provides an engaging public space that invites spontaneous socialization and play. Through the manipulation and variation of texture and shape in space, the simple design of Dreamscape offers users a unique experience within an urban realm.

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