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1974 Past Exhibitions

Centennial Art Centre Exhibitions

Christine Workman: Drawings and Paintings

Artist: Christine Workman

Dates: February 5 to ?, 1974

Jim Carnes: Photo Group Show

Artist: Jim Carnes and others not noted

Dates: April 9 to May 6, 1974

K.W.B. Carswell Simpson: Paintings

Artist: K.W.B. Carswell Simpson

Dates: May 7 to June 3, 1974

Rosemary Heights Elementary School Show

Artists: Various Elementary Students

Dates: June 4 to July 1, 1974

Ross Bollerup: Paintings

Artist: Ross Bollerup

Dates: July 2 to August 5, 1974  

Volkmar Sandvoss: Watercolours and Drawings

Artist: Volkmar Sandvoss

Dates: August 6 to September 2, 1974

Dan McConnell: Drawings and Watercolours

Artist: Dan McConnell

Dates: September 3 to October 7, 1974

David G Dick: Drawings and Watercolours

Artist: David G Dick

Dates: November 4 to December 2, 1974

Mircho Jakobow: Drawing, Watercolour and Paintings

Artist: Mircho Jakobow

Date: December 3 1974 to January 5, 1975

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