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Lionel Courchene Park Community Garden

Lionel Courchene Garden starts to grow

Find us at:
9839 155 Street, Surrey BC
Lionel Courchene Park

About Lionel Courchene Community Garden

The Lionel Courchene garden has two community uses:

  • A programmed garden managed by DIVERSEcity that supports the integration of newcomers to Canada
  • General garden plots available for neighbours, schools and other community partners and facilitated by Can You Dig It.

In November, 2013, the City of Surrey received an application from community members interested in developing a community garden at Lionel Courchene Park. The proposal received broad support from neighbouring schools, community groups and organizations, many of who are interested in using garden plots as part of their programming or curriculum.

The proposed location for the garden was a portion of the East end of the park, which was undeveloped. An open house and CitySpeaks survey were hosted in March, 2014, to gather input from the neighbourhood on the proposal.  Results from the open house indicated support for the project with some changes, including shifting the location of the garden and access toward 156 street. The detailed design of the garden was completed soon after. 

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About Lionel Courchene Community Garden Partners

DiverseCity logoDIVERSEcity Community Resources Society is a non-profit agency with a mission to build and strengthen diverse communities by delivering the broadest range of services that embrace cultural inclusiveness and that celebrate the strengths found in our differences. DIVERSEcity has run a successful Food Security program since 2003, which includes nine community kitchens across Surrey and 82 garden plots at Hazelnut Meadows Community Garden in Newton and now 18 new plots at the Lionel Courchene "Growing Roots" Community Garden. The program allows participants to supplement their diets, learn about growing produce suitable for Canadian climates, and lowers the cost of healthy, organically grown fruits and vegetables. Most plots in the Garden are registered to immigrant and refugee families, with some plots registered to established Canadian families. This arrangement provides opportunities for cultural exchange and sharing events, community building and promotes understanding with integration as an outcome. The ability to grow one’s own food and the ability to feed family and friends supports self-reliance and independence.

If you are a newcomer to Canada and are interested in getting involved or having a plot in the garden, contact Sasikala Sridrar at 604.547.1378 or eMail


CYDI logoCan You Dig It supports communities to create inclusive and welcoming food-growing gardens where individuals from all backgrounds and life experience can learn, share, grow and contribute to the betterment of their communities. They grow more than food; they cultivate relationships and foster a true sense of belonging. Together we can all plant a seed! With support from the City of Surrey, Can You Dig It will be helping all interested neighbours and community groups to run the garden.

If you live in the neighbourhood and are interested in getting involved or having a plot in the garden, contact


Partial funding for the DiverseCity "Growing Roots" garden provided by the Real Estate Foundation of BC and Vancity.