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Civic Treasure Award Recipient Videos

Explore the lives and work of many of Surrey's Civic Treasures. Hear them talk about their experiences, passions, and artistic endeavours.

Videos are in alphabetical order by last name.

2016 Surrey Civic Treasures

Allen Aubert

Virginia Gillespie

Mohammed Aminul Islam

Ursula Maxwell-Lewis

2015 Surrey Civic Treasures

Cora & Don Li-Leger

Roger Bose

Alex Browne

2014 Surrey Civic Treasures

Elizabeth Carefoot

Don Hutchinson

Eileen Gratland

Previous Years' Surrey Civic Treasures

Patricia Dahlquist

Maxine Lloyd Howchin

Ellie King

Kelly Konno

Gladys Andreas

Bonnie Burnside

Allan Cleaver

Ed Griffin

June Laitar

Lucille Lewis

Ed Milaney

David Proznick

Sheila Symington

Chris Thornley

George Zukerman