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Surrey Art Gallery Presents

Emergent opening reception

Online Publications

Surrey Art Gallery Presents is a series of publications about exhibitions held at the Surrey Art Gallery. These publications provide information about the exhibition along with images of the exhibition. Many of these publications include essays by the curators and statements written by the artists.

The intention of Surrey Art Gallery Presents is to make information on exhibitions easily available to the public. Please come back often, as more publications are produced. The publications are available as PDF files that can be read online, downloaded to digital devices, or printed.

Also look under our Past Exhibitions for other pdf documents such as exhibit pamphlets and information sheets. You can also search for artists using the search function on the site.

Terms and Conditions

detail of Disordered Order by Debbie Tuepah

Emergent: Patrick Cruz, A.S. Dhillon, Debbie Tuepah
Dangling Modifiers - essay by Jordan Strom
Artists Biographies
List of Works

detail of Rememoration 1 by Scott Massey

SEARCH/RESEARCH: contemporary landscapes
Blaine Campbell, Landon Mackenzie, Scott Massey, David Pirrie
Search/Research - essay by Brian Foreman
Artists' Statements
Artists' Biographies

detail of collage of Vancouver Drive in East Kilbride

(sub)Urban Exchange: East < >
Introduction - by Brian Foreman
Focusing on the suburban-assigning cultural value - essay by Sylvia Grace Borda
(sub)Urban Exchange: Whalley Becomes City Centre - essay by Laura Hackett

Julie Andreyev & Simon Lysander Overstall: Salmon People
Hard Destiny - essay by Carol Gigliotti
Artists' Statement

Reading the Tide - essay by Ellyn Walker
Exhibition Statement
Tearing the Screen - essay by Rhys Edwards
Exhibition Statement