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Aquatic Fitness

Aquacise class in Surrey.

Aquatic fitness classes provide an exceptional, often low impact way to improve your fitness. Commonly called aquacise, various drop-in classes are offered at Surrey's six indoor pools. Drop-in and stay active and engaged.

How to Register

  1. Register online
  2. By phone: 604-501-5100
  3. In person: Visit any City of Surrey Recreation Facility

View the Surrey Recreation Guide for more information. 

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Surrey Aquatic Fitness Class List

Please use this legend to review the fitness intensity and locations where each class is offered: 

Fitness Intensity Levels (listed in the class column):
1- Low    2 - Low/Moderate    3 - Moderate    4 - Moderate/High    5 - High

Locations: NSRC North Surrey Recreation Centre, NRC Newton Recreation Centre, SSLC Surrey Sport & Leisure Aquatics, SSIP South Surrey Indoor Pool, GRC Guildford Recreation Centre, and GHAC Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre

Please note: All City of Surrey indoor pools require all patrons to present a Recreation Passcard before entering the facility.




Aqua Zumba - 4 Perfect for those looking to make a splash by adding a low-impact, high-energy aquatic exercise to their fitness routine. GHAC
Aqua Fit for Life - 2 Incorporate low impact exercises that are designed to increase your physical fitness and progress swimming skills. Personal support staff are asked to attend it one-to-one support is required.  GHAC

Gentle Joints - 1

Improve your balance and range of motion through gentle, low intensity movements to help you with your daily activities.


Water Walking - 2

Come to a low impact, low-moderate intensity class. Walk through the water to improve your flexibility, posture and range of motion.


Deep Water Aqua - 3

A great no impact workout. Focus on using the waters resistance for core, cardio and strength. Float belts provided.


Shallow Water Aqua - 3

Cardio workout that enhances strength, endurance, power and speed.


Deep Water Running - 4

A great no impact workout. Focus on building cardio, strength and endurance through interval training. Great cross training for runners. Floats belts provided.


Shallow Water Power Aqua - 4

Come to a cardio workout to strengthen the whole body. Use the water’s resistance to increase your power, speed and endurance.


Performance Swimming Training Adult Masters - 4

Improve your swim strokes and endurance through interval training and stroke drills. Great for triathletes, masters and recreational swimmers. Must be able to swim 25m.


Shallow Water Aqua Bootcamp - 5

Challenge your fitness level and build your strength and cardio.


These descriptions are general class descriptions. Classes at each recreation facility will vary with different instructor styles, intensities and class duration. Refer to each recreation facility's specific drop-in schedule for details.