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Meet the Cast

The Re-Enactors out take

Meet the coordinating staff and cast of The Re-Enactors, bringing Surrey's true stories of Surrey settlers to life.

*The participation of the Artists with an asterisk are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance • Opera • Theatre Policy.

Coordinating Staff

  • *Yvette Dudley-Neuman - Director, Heritage Re-Enactment Coordinator
  • *April Starr-Land - Stage Manager
  • Emily Peck - Re-Enactment Assistant

The Re-Enactors

*Mohit Anand, "Sarjit Mac Singh"

Mohit Anand has had a passion for performing arts since he was a child. He went on to complete his Bachelor of Science from UBCO and didn't decide to formally try acting until five years ago. He enjoys working in film, television, theatre and working with youth. Mohit believes his passion for telling good stories done well, continues to push for a more diverse representation of today's world. Mohit is currently working on producing his own short film inspired after seeing the documentary Cowspiracy.

He is happy to be pushing boundaries both professionally and personally for himself and those around him. In his downtime, Mohit enjoys the benefits of exercising, hiking, spending time with loved ones and following veganism.


*Sara Holt, "Mary Jane Shannon"

Sara Holt has been working professionally as an actor in Vancouver since her graduation from Studio 58 in 2000, and is a member of Canadian Actors’ Equity. She is a founding member of DreamRider Theatre and is best known for her role as Esmerelda Planet Protector.

As a director, Sara brings her broad professional directing, acting, and choreography experience to every production. Sara was also Artistic Director, writer and performer at Fort Steele Heritage Town, for ten years.



*Ryan Haneman, "Eric Anderson"

Ryan Haneman started acting at the age of 6 when he starred as Doc in Snow White & the Seven Dwarves. At 16 he was part of the Great Canadian Theatre company in the production Colours in the Dark by James Reaney.

He has won Best Director for his short play Stuck With Being Me and recently won the Crazy Eights Film Contest for his film Manstruation.

Everything else he has been involved with must be reserved for unveiling in his autobiography Eating Noodles for 20 Years: The True Story of a Canadian Actor.


*Vince Metcalfe, "Reeve T.J. Sullivan"

Vince Metcalfe has been a performer for 45 years. Vince was born in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and now makes his home in New Westminster.

He has performed in theatres throughout the world and all across Canada in plays and musicals.

Mr. Metcalfe has been in many films and television productions in Canada and the US. Vince is a graduate of Studio 58 Theatre program at Langara in Vancouver.



Kaitlin Williams, "Elsie Ivy Marshall"

Kaitlin Williams is a Vancouver based actor and theatre artist. She has worked with many theatre companies across BC including The Arts Club, Pacific Theatre, ITSAZOO, Western Canada Theatre, SAMC Theatre, Kaleidoscope, Twenty-Something Theatre, Delinquent Theatre and Hardline Theatre. As a historical interpreter Kaitlin spent three summers working at the BC Legislature playing Nellie Cashman for their popular Parliamentary Players program. She also was a company member for a season in historic Barkerville, BC. Kaitlin lives in East Vancouver in a tiny studio apartment with her actor husband. She loves composting, listening to podcasts and drinking nice wine.



*Kevin Takahide Lee, "Zennosuke Inouye"

Tenor Kevin Takahide Lee holds a Bachelor degree of Music in Opera Performance from the University of British Columbia and a Master degree of Music in Voice Performance from the University of Western Ontario. He is the Artistic Director of the Newcomer's Choir, teaches for the City of Burnaby, and is involved with musical and theatrical productions throughout the Lower Mainland.

Some of Kevin's top moments of 2015 include directing the Newcomer's Choir and booking television roles.



*Doug Cameron, "Dr. Frederick Sinclair"

Doug Cameron is an actor/entertainer who has distinguished himself over a long and full career in show business. He loves theatre from the classics right through to modern plays and has worked for most of the major theatre companies in Vancouver.

He has a special spot in his heart for historical shows about British Columbia and Yukon and is a great choice for this review of the original residents and public figures of Surrey.

He also was a featured regular with Shari Lewis and Lambchop. His unique musical talent has taken him around the world.