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Bench Donations

Donation benches must match the current style of bench being used in the desired Surrey park. The prices include

  • the cost of the bench,
  • a bronze engraved plaque,
  • installation, as well as
  • maintenance and repair of the bench for a 10-year period, with the same frequency and methods as all other park features of that type.

After this time, renewal options will be provided with purchase costs at future market prices. Bench donations are tax deductible, and an official receipt will be issued to the donor by the City of Surrey.

Prices may change without notice.

  • Surrey Bench $2400.00
  • Cast Bench $3400.00
  • Basic Bench $3000.00
  • Garden Bench $3500.00
  • Log Bench $3200.00
  • Picnic Table $5000.00