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WaterWise Demonstration Garden

The WaterWise Demonstration Garden is located at the south-west corner of 144 street and 57 avenue, near the Provincial Courthouse and Surrey RCMP Detachment.

The WaterWise Demonstration Garden was built in 2001 by the City of Surrey’s Engineering and Parks, Recreation and Culture departments as a Xeriscape, or landscape designed to work with nature and use less water. Minimizing the need for watering your garden involves choosing the best design and plants for your site, preparing the soil, using mulch or cedar chips and properly irrigating for efficient water use. It’s best to construct your garden when the weather is cool and raining to allow plants to establish a strong root system before the onset of a dry period. For more info about the plants and techniques used in the garden, contact Surrey Parks at 604-501-5050.

The hope of the garden is to reinforce the need for sustainable gardening, environmental responsibility, and to encourage the people of Surrey to view water as a limited and valuable resource. The garden is linked to the City’s Voluntary Water Meter Program which allows residents to pay for the water they use, with the potential to minimize the impact of future increases in utility rates.

Collectively entitled All Intertwining, Vancouver artist Blake Williams worked with Parks and Engineering staff to create an engaging series of ceramic-based artwork signs that communicate the philosophy and concepts behind the project, as well as literary quotes and symbolic imagery. The artwork is part of the City's Public Art Program and attracts, informs and enhances the visual experience of visiting the garden.

The WaterWise Garden, as well as the landscaping adjacent to the nearby former City Hall, is a popular spot for wedding photos. Contact 604-501-5173.