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Indoor swimming pool in Surrey.

About Fleetwood

Libraries: Visit Surrey Libraries in Fleetwood or Port Kells.  

The community of Fleetwood is named in honour of Lance Corporal Arthur Thomas Fleetwood who died in the First World War. In 2008, Thomas Fleetwood was memorialized with a statue in front of the Fleetwood Community Centre and Library.

The Fleetwood Community Association, which was formed in 1923, has played an important role in the development of the community. The original Fleetwood Community Hall was built in the 1930s and quickly became the focal point of social activity for the community. Since 1998, the Association has hosted the Fleetwood Festival which promotes and celebrates the heritage, environment, wellness and spirit of Fleetwood.

In addition to the Fleetwood Community Centre, recreational facilities in Fleetwood include the Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex, with the aquatic  and Fleetwood Park, which offers a variety of activities including walking trails, gardens and playing fields.

road in Fleetwood


Learn the latest cycling, sidewalk and other transportation projects coming to Fleetwood.

Fleetwood Land Use Plans

See details of the approved secondary land use plans in Fleetwood.

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Fleetwood Recreation

Explore recreation activities in the Fleetwood community's recreation facilities.

Heritage Sites in Fleetwood

Discover history through the heritage sites in Fleetwood.

Fleetwood Community Centre Park.

Parks in Fleetwood

Find parks in your Fleetwood community, and learn what amenities you'll find at each park.

Transportation project on 96 Avenue.

Transportation Projects

See the transportation and road projects upcoming or planned in your area.