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Saving Energy

Surrey Energy Avenue setup, at Party for the Planet.

Challenge yourself to see how much energy you can save at home and bring new ideas to your business or workplace. The resources below reveal simple low-cost strategies to help you save energy and money.

Looking for help covering the costs of energy-efficient upgrades?  Explore the wide range of incentives for appliances, building retrofits and new construction.


Residential buildings account for more than 95% of all buildings in Surrey. Energy-efficient upgrades in your home can go a long way in helping to reduce energy and emissions in our communities while saving you money.

  • BC Hydro's Power Smart has a wide range of tips and incentives for residential customers.
  • FortisBC highlights effective ways to save energy in your home. 
  • Compare energy efficient appliances with confidence using the EnerGuide label.
  • Browse many more ways to save through the Energy Saver program from the U.S. Department of Energy.


Commercial buildings provide many opportunities to save on energy use. The following resources can help you green your business and save money.

  • Power Smart offers a range of programs to make your business more energy efficient. 
  • FortisBC also has a number of programs and incentives to help your business save energy.


Need some help covering the costs? A range of incentives are available for new and existing buildings.


Got any tips for us? Share your favourite energy-saving tip @CityofSurrey on Twitter or City of Surrey on Facebook.