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Graffiti Prevention & Removal

stickers and graffiti at Skytrain station

Combat and prevent graffiti on your property, in your neighbourhood and in your local parks with help from us and from local volunteer groups.

Reporting graffiti

Removing graffiti

Graffiti on your property

Graffiti cleanup on private property is the property owner's responsibility, and action should be taken as soon as possible. If action is not taken in a reasonable timeframe, the City can remove the graffiti and recover the costs through the property tax process.

Anti-Graffiti Program: Contact the Surrey Crime Prevention Society for help removing graffiti. The Society coordinates neighbourhood paint-outs and volunteers to remove the graffiti.

Paint Voucher Program: Use a paint voucher to get a reduced price on paint and supplies from select retailers, to remove graffiti from your private property. Just submit your online service request for a paint voucher through By-Law Enforcement. 


Preventing graffiti

Traffic cabinet wrapped to prevent graffiti


We've had some success minimizing graffiti by wrapping Telus, Hydro and traffic cabinet boxes in high traffic areas.

We're also developing specialized landscaping applications to prevent graffiti.

A big part of preventing graffiti is reporting it. Let us know of graffiti problem areas in Surrey at