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Great Blue Heron

Surrey has over 200 species of birds that can be found in urban parks, greenspaces or even your backyard. Birds use Surrey's habitat for food, roosting and raising their young. All bird nests are protected while they are actively used.

The bird nesting season is generally from March 15 to August 15. Some raptors, including eagles, nest as early as February 1.

Wildlife Act

The nests of eagle, peregrine falcon, gyrfalcon, osprey, heron and burrowing owl are further afforded year-round protection under section 34 (b) of the Provincial Wildlife Act.

The Province has published Best Management Practices  that outline strategies to minimize habitat and noise disturbances caused by land development and building.

Building near bird habitats

If your development or building application is within 300 metres of a species protected under Section 34(b) of the Wildlife Act, contact the City of Surrey Engineering, Environment section at 604-591-4146 to receive further information to best guide you through development within context of these protected species.