Green Building

Building constructed with sustainable development.

Green building in Surrey

Access information to help you build green at the resource centre at City Hall. Or, you can also save the time and emissions from the drive over and access these EnergyRetrofit resources online.

We've also developed Surrey's Sustainable Development Checklist through the Community Planning division, to ensure sustainability considerations are a key part of your decision making. This Checklist is a tool in implementing our Sustainability Charter goals around green building. We have these goals to achieve our vision — to lead the way in sustainable community design and development.

Surrey has hundreds of certified green buildings – check out the trends for building green on the City’s Sustainability Dashboard.

Green building elements

A "green" building:

  • is environmentally responsible,
  • uses water, energy and other resources efficiently,
  • is healthy for people living and working in it, and 
  • reduces waste and is made of locally-sourced, renewable and recycled materials.

Retrofitting older buildings

Green buildings also include older buildings that are retrofitted to save energy and resources. To enhance the "green value" of your building, certification programs like BOMA BESt will also give you the assistance you need.

There are also many homeowner energy-saving programs. These programs give financial and other incentives to commercial building owners and residential homeowners to retrofit their buildings to become more energy efficient.

Know a great example of a green building in Surrey? Share a picture @CityofSurrey on Twitter or City of Surrey on Facebook (Website. New window) so we can reveal the successes of sustainable building in Surrey.