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Sustainable Living

Learn how to manage a sustainable yard and garden, conserve water, reduce waste and save energy — learn to be a better steward of your property and the environment.

Start at home- there's a lot you can do to help enhance Surrey's environment. Even small changes around the house can amount to huge differences in the well-being of our environment.

Buying Local

Buying & Sharing Local Food

Grab lunch at a food truck, visit a farmers' market or create new opportunities to buy and share local food.

Surrey Energy Avenue setup, at Party for the Planet.

Saving Energy

Save energy at your home and business with these tips and energy-saving resources.

Shower head

Water Conservation

Find tips on how you can conserve water and minimize your impact on the environment.

Yard and Garden

Yard & Garden

Grow food, plant native species, and help the environment from your own backyard.

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The Green City Award recognizes leaders in environmental stewardship.