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Home Safe

Firefighter standing in front of a fire truck holds a fire alarm

Personal safety in your home was something we heard from many people. One of the primary risks to home safety is fire. This program will provide support to check for fires risks in the home and to make sure smoke alarms are installed and working.

Our Home Safe Teams are made up of Surrey firefighters and local volunteers. Since 2008, the Surrey Fire Service has visited households in high fire risk neighbourhoods to help residents:

  • learn about fire prevention and escape planning,
  • watch for signs of other risk factors, and
  • become aware about fire safety and how to recover after an emergency.

There is no cost for a Home Safe visit. If your smoke alarms are not working, we will install a new alarm for free.  Learn more about our Free Smoke Alarm Installation Program.

How we'll measure success

  • Decrease in the number of residential fires with working smoke alarm present at 75% or higher over five years
  • Increase in the number of site visits completed in target areas
  • Increase in the percentage of homes where smoke alarms are validated in site visits
  • Decrease in the rate of fire deaths and injuries in target populations

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