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Traffic Safety Campaigns

Traffic Safety volunteers

Photo provided by Surrey Crime Prevention Society

We need drivers to watch what they are doing on the road, particularly when it comes to speed and distracted driving. We’re taking a collaborative approach to traffic safety, as part of the Public Safety Strategy. With the help of our partners, two specific road safety programs are being run in Surrey: the Speed Watch and Cell Watch programs. The goal is to get drivers to put away their phones when driving and to slow down.

Speed Watch is a program designed to raise awareness and reduce incidents of speeding. Cell Watch is a program designed to reduce distracted driving. This includes talking or texting behind the wheel. Surrey Crime Prevention volunteers will monitor school and play ground zones, high crash zones and neighbourhood streets. They’ll give motorists instant feedback on how fast their going or record cell phone usage. The Surrey RCMP will also attend whenever possible to issue warnings or tickets. This information is shared with police and ICBC to identify high risk locations.

The Traffic Safety Campaigns will

  • raise awareness and reduce incidents of speeding,
  • encourage drivers to slow down, and
  • encourage drivers to put their phones away.

How we’ll measure success

  • Increase in the number of citizens exposed to safe driving messages at events
  • Increase in the number of volunteers trained to promote traffic safety
  • Increase number of speed Watch/ Cell Watch shifts completed
  • Decrease in average speed of vehicles in target areas

Traffic Safety Campaigns Partners

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