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Community Enhancement Program

Volunteers cleaning up street with yellow bags and garbage pickers

Photo provided by Surrey Crime Prevention Society

We’re taking action to make our Surrey communities more beautiful and welcoming with the Community Enhancement program. This program is part of the Public Safety Strategy and aims to reduce the risk of crime by enhancing public spaces. This includes cleaning up litter along adopted streets and removing graffiti in our neighbourhoods. With the help of the Surrey Crime Prevention Society (SCPS) and BC Probation Services, the work is completed by individuals who have been assigned community service.

“We provide an opportunity for people to perform meaningful community service where they gain self-esteem and are part of positive community enhancements that make all residents feel safer and more positive about their neighbourhoods.” – Karen Reid-Sidhu Surrey Crime Prevention Society

SCPS partners with BC Probation Services and other agencies to identify participants for the program. Many clients are first-time young offenders. These clients are mentored by program staff on community engagement and positive behaviors. If you’d like to help keep Surrey beautiful, start by reporting any problems via our Surrey Request App.

The Community Enhancement Program will:

  • allow clients to complete their court appointed community service hours,
  • encourage clients to reconsider their role in the community,
  • improve notification of problem issues and graffiti, and
  • increase civic pride among residents and businesses.

How we’ll measure success

  • Increase in the percentage of participants completing community service in program
  • Increase in total hours of community enhancement activities completed
  • Increase in the number of graffiti reports received
  • Increase in resident’s perception of safety in public spaces


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