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Community Safety Support

Community Safety Support

Surrey currently has three community-level safety programs in operation. These include; Community Patrol Officers (CPO) comprised of City of Surrey Bylaw Department employees, the RCMP Business Engagement & Safety Team (BEST) focused on business engagement and the Surrey Crime Prevention Society with their volunteer city-wide community safety tours. These programs focus on observing, and reporting issues. Although funded and managed through different channels, these community safety activities share a common goal of providing street-level support to the residents and businesses of Surrey.

These teams collaborate and share information to facilitate future planning for the most effective allocation of resources to meet community needs. They engage with members of the public to address safety concerns, make referrals to service providers, liaise with local community organizations and businesses and flag enforcement issues for follow up. Working together, these partners have demonstrated the effectiveness of street-level uniformed presence in deterring criminal and anti-social activity. They also play a key role in engaging with the community and early identification of local safety concerns. Under the Public Safety Strategy we will support future coordination and expansion of community safety support across Surrey.

How we’ll measure success

  • Events with Community Safety Support Presence
  • Hours of Uniformed Street Level Walks in City

Community Safety Patrol Partners

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