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Distressed Properties Response Program

Distressed property

As part of the Public Safety Strategy, we’re introducing the new Distressed Properties Response Program. This program is designed to identify residential and/or commercial properties tipping towards distress. We will take action early to reduce risk of these properties becoming locations for illegal or nuisance activities. If you’re concerned about property in your neighbourhood, let us know by reporting it through our Surrey Request App. To learn more about the program read through the Problem Properties Brochure.

On average citizens report 688 problem properties in Surrey each year through our Bylaws team and the Surrey Request App.

The Distressed Properties Action Team (DPAT) will

  • monitor distressed properties,
  • Create long term strategies to prevent the future decline of properties,
  • use existing tools such as abandoned property, fire service, and nuisance property bylaws, and
  • conduct property tax reviews to identify high risk properties.

How we’ll measure success

  • Decrease in the number of bylaw violations for unsightly and nuisance properties
  • Decrease in the number of abandoned properties identified
  • Increase in successful remediation or other action (type per property)
  • Increase in landlord/owner compliance with bylaws

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