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Inter-Agency Case Assessment Team (ICAT)


Domestic violence presents very specific and far reaching challenges for personal and public safety, and requires a multi-faceted approach to reduce offenses. The Inter-agency Case Assessment Team (ICAT) brings together community partners and service agencies to assist the Surrey RCMP Domestic Violence Unit

  • identify highest risk offenders of domestic violence,
  • conduct risk assessments, and
  • create action plans associated to the management of an offender.

ICAT member organizations share information and implement referral and case management strategies. They also maintain community awareness and update their agencies on safety planning and the principles and practices of risk assessment.

"From 2004 to 2009, it is estimated that more than 160,000 British Columbians were victims of domestic violence.” Ministry of Children and Family Development

Through this collaborative approach and cross agency coordination, proactive support is provided to reduce the barriers to keep victims and offenders safe and reduce domestic violence offenses.

How we'll measure success

  • Increase in the number of total domestic violence offenses reported
  • Decrease in recidivism rates of intimate partner violence
  • Increase in percentage of clients and families who report high degree of satisfaction with case management

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