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Surrey Safe Schools Partnership

Young kids walking to school

Schools are a community hub in Surrey -  over 30% of people who live in Surrey are under the age of 18. Schools are also a major point of contact. They allow the City of Surrey and partners to target support at  school-aged children by providing opportunities for participation in activities, empowerment, and skills development.

In partnership with the Surrey School District and Surrey RCMP, the City provides support for the Surrey Wraparound Program (WRAP) and the Girls Group Program.

"An engaged child, is one who is not out there disturbing the peace,so kids who are involved in after school activities, who release their energy thorugh physical activity,  and who feel like they are part of something … are not going to go out and cause trouble later.”-  Daniel To, Surrey School District

Surrey Wraparound Program (WRAP)

The successful WRAP program works with at-risk youth, “wrapping” them with support and attention to help them stay out of gangs and the criminal lifestyle.

Within the WRAP program, participants, their families and program partners work to help the participant:

  • create goals and plans with student and their families in a supportive and non-judgmental space,
  • get involved in athletic and recreational programs through the City’s Leisure Access Program,
  • get access to City Job Readiness Training program, and
  • develop mentor relationship with dedicated RCMP officers and school district staff.

If you are a concerned parent, talk to your child's teachers to get a referral to the program. You can also reach out the to the Surrey School District or Surrey RCMP. There is currently a waiting list of 27 students for the WRAP program. Since it was launched, the WRAP program has worked with 581 students.

Girls Group Program

The Girls Group Progam takes secondary students outside of school to learn life skills and connects them with resources and networks in Surrey. Through the program, the girls build confidence, receive support and develop trusting and postive relationships.

With the Girl Group program, participants will

  • attend 2-hour weekly sessions,
  • join in on outdoor activities, such as climbing, camping and wakeboarding,
  • hear from guest presenters, and
  • learn life skills, such as self-defence and cooking.

Girl Group currently runs at Johnston Heights, North Surrey, Kwantlen Park and L.A. Matheson secondary schools. Contact Safe Schools at 604-595-6195 for more information.

How we'll measure success

  • Increase in the number of participants reporting improved social development outcomes
  • Decrease in truancy rates from school among program participants
  • Increase in the number of participants in WRAP and Girls Group (per annum)


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