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Ensure Safe Places

Two people walking dog in a park

It’s important to make sure you feel safe, whether you’re taking a walk down the street going to work or spending an evening at home. Ensuring Safe Places is the second of four priorities in the Public Safety Strategy. When we say we want to ensure safe places, our objective is to increase crime prevention and transportation safety. This section of the strategy covers safety along roadways, commercial areas, residential neighbourhoods, public spaces and parks, as well as location based crime programs.

Download the condensed version of the Surrey Public Safety Strategy

Two people with a Block Watch sign at a booth

Block Watch

Take action in your neighbourhood and start a block watch.

Volunteers cleaning up street with yellow bags and garbage pickers

Community Enhancement Program

Cleaning up litter and removing graffiti to beautify our city and reduce risk of crime.

Community Safety Patrol officer speaking with someone in the public

Community Safety Patrols

Find out how Community Safety Patrols are working with Surrey residents to address safety concerns.

Car accident and fire crew

Data Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS)

Learn how we're using data driven methods to improve traffic safety.

Distressed property

Distressed Properties Response Program

Learn about the Distressed Properties Response program and how you can report problem properties.

CCTV Camera

Project IRIS Camera Registry

Register your CCTV camera and help provide potential evidence if an incident occurs in your area.

Students walking to school.

Safe and Active Schools Program

See how we're encouraging students to walk and cycle more to school in Surrey.

Couple walking their dog

Safe Mobility Plan

Learn how our Safe Mobility Plan will help improve road safety in Surrey.

Traffic Safety volunteers

Traffic Safety Campaigns

Ensure you've put away your phone and you slow down when driving. Learn how we're reminding drivers.