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Code Blue – Elementary & Secondary Schools

Children listening to a Surrey RCMP officer.

Code Blue helps build positive police-youth relationships in Surrey. Code Blue is a Surrey after school fitness training program that resembles police officer training and is led by Surrey RCMP officers. The youth engagement program is currently offered at 6 Surrey secondary schools with an average of 40 students attending the drop-in program each week.

The Code Blue program will also be introduced to Surrey elementary schools during 2017.

“Aside from the physical benefits of this activity, the real value of the program is that the students gain self-confidence and leadership skills and learn that police officers are here to help and are positive role models.” – Dwayne McDonald Officer in Charge – Surrey RCMP

Code Blue instructors do the workouts with the youth, push them to go the extra mile, and give them encouragement along the way. The program builds a sense of accomplishment as the youth realize their physical abilities, and the value of team work.

Code Blue and Surrey Public Safety

The Surrey RCMP has a multi-pronged approach to tackling youth issues and preventing youth from becoming involved in criminal and nuisance activities.

Code Blue helps build resiliency in young people while also helping them to build positive relationships with the police. This increases their protective factors and reduces their risks of later involvement in crime, gangs, and other anti-social behaviours.

Positive engagement with young people through programs like Code Blue helps mitigate other influences that can increase youth vulnerability.


  • Surrey RCMP
  • The City of Surrey

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