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Social Innovation Leaders Breakfast Series

Passionate amateurs. Scaling up for impact. Standing still. Paradox and complexity. Creating a culture of innovation.

These are some of the ideas and concepts explored during Surrey's first Social Innovation Breakfast series. The series brought speakers with expertise in social innovation together with community leaders and passionate amateurs engaged in social change in Surrey. Each event created the space for an intimate conversation on 'juicy questions' about social innovation, over breakfast and coffee at Surrey City Hall.

The speakers inspired, provoked, and created space for conversations between participants. New ideas were sparked and new connections made.

Past Events

'What I did on my Summer Vacation: Reflections on Social Innovation' - with Sources CEO David Young

What happens when you convince 28 social innovators from across Canada to skip summer vacation, and instead spend 4 weeks in an intensive summer residency in Banff, Alberta?

SOURCES CEO David Young found out the answer this summer when he attended ‘Getting to Maybe’, a Social Innovation Residency hosted by the Banff Centre and the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience.

A long-term champion of change and innovation, David shared some of his reflections and key learnings from his experience in the Canadian Rockies. Playfully titled “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” David explored the joy and challenge associated with thinking and working outside the “box”. 

'Scaling up for impact' with Atira CEO Janice Abbott

You have a proven idea. You’re implementing it, and you’re achieving amazing impacts – making a real difference in people’s lives. But your reach is small. How do you move your idea from the margins to the mainstream?

Janice Abbott, CEO of Atira Women’s Society Resource Centre, shared her experiences and wisdom on ‘scaling up for impact’.

'Impact: Six patterns to spread your social innovation' with Al Etmanski

Social Innovation is something you can surf, touching people’s hearts and opening their minds.  Social innovation is using the language of beauty to rally the lovesick, those who love their community. Beautiful words set a tone for a meaningful discussion about social innovation with community organizer, author and entrpreneur Al Etmanski.  Read about the ideas shared over breakfast on May 18,2016 during Impact: Six patterns to spread your social innovation.