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Neighbourhood Team

Neighbourhood Team

Do you have big dreams for your neighbourhood?  The Neighbourhood Team is your connection to grants, services, inspiration, and other support that you can use to make a positive impact in your community. Contact the Neighbourhood Team to help your projects take shape. We want to hear from you! 

Check out below for useful tools and resources. 

Neighbour Day

Neighbour Day

Celebrate your neighbours on Neighbour Day.

Neighbourhood Toolkit

Neighbourhood Toolkit

Explore the resources available for neighbourhood projects.

Neighbourhood Team

Neighbourhood Event Equipment

Borrow equipment for your next neighbourhood event.

Community planting

Community Projects

See examples of the projects Surrey residents have created.

Block Party Fraser Heights

Host a Block Party

Get to know your neighbours by hosting a block party.

Social Innovation Summit 2015

Workshops and Training

Skill building and workshop opportunities for neighbourhood development.

Surrey Homes

Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program

Get your neighbourhood ready, and prepared to be self-sufficient in the event of a disaster.

Kids and parents get their hands into clay at a previous Family Sunday

Promote an Event

Submit your event to the City of Surrey Events calendar, and invite all Surrey residents to join in.