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Become SaM Certified

Staff conducting a watershed assessment

Businesses can be Salmon Marshal certified at different levels of commitment; the level of certification is based on the number of core or industry-specific action items that your business commits to annually. Once started, businesses will have two months to complete actions toward their certification (or show proof of action toward completing selected actions). 

SaM Certification Colours, bronze, silver, gold, platinum

SaM Certification Options

Year 1 Certification:

Option A: Bronze
Commit to 4 action items for one SaM season
Option B: Silver
Commit to 6 action items for one SaM season
Option C: Gold
Commit to 8 action items for one SaM season

Year 2 Certification:

Option A: Maintain current certification level
Fulfill long-term requirements plus 1 community stewardship item
Option B: Upgrade to a new certification level
Commit to an additional 2 action items per level of upgrade

Beyond Year 2:

Maintain certification by annually fulfilling long-term requirements of previous action items plus 1 community stewardship action item.

View the SaM Commitment Form which highlights your SaM Action selections and the certification level you wish to obtain.  This form serves as your application for SaM Certification.

What Happens After the First Season of SaM Certification?

In their second season following receiving certification, businesses have two options: they can maintain their certification level by maintaining the long-term requirements of their selected action items, in addition to selecting one Community Stewardship action item; or they can upgrade to a higher certification by committing to additional action items.
Businesses that wish to demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability in their second season and beyond can opt for platinum certification. All levels can become platinum certified in their second year but have different requirements to achieve the upgrade.
Businesses that wish to upgrade or maintain their certification status beyond two seasons must submit information regarding their completed action items or long-term requirements, respectively, for that season.

Community Stewardship Requirements

If you are already certified and are looking to maintain your commitment level for future years, continue your long-term requirements and choose one of the listed community stewardship requirements per year

  1. Conduct 25 hours of volunteer efforts with a local stewardship group of your choice.
  2. Paint 30 storm drains in your community (kits to be supplied by SHaRP).
  3. Educate employees about SaM program and best management practices for your business.
  4. Collect water quality samples for a stream in your community and complete a stream report (kits to be supplied by SHaRP).

SaM Calendar

There are two intake periods for businesses that wish to become SaM Certified each year; in the spring (May - June), and the fall (September – October). See the SaM upcoming events and calendar for more details.

Ads are released in local media showcasing contributions of SaM certified businesses in February (for the fall intake period), and September (for the spring intake period) each year.

In May and August watch out for SaM business park BBQ events throughout the City, and in November for the annual SaM celebration event and spawner stream tours to watch the salmon come home.