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Welcoming Communities Project Resources

welcoming communities

The Surrey Local Immigration Partnership follows in the footsteps of the Surrey Welcoming Communities Project; which ran from 2012 to 2014. As a result of this initiative, a number of community building activities took place and many resources were developed:

Refugee Myth-Busting Campaign

This multi-pronged effort successfully cleared up myths and misconceptions about Surrey’s refugee population. How successfully? A report on its achievements was delivered to a plenary session of the United Nations Refugee Agency.

Dialogues Inspired by Cooking and Food

The fastest way to Surrey’s heart proved to be through its stomach: a series of demonstration dinners that introduced community leaders to the welcoming effort.

Service Provider Events

Hundreds of people work at dozens of agencies geared to helping newcomers. Through
this project they gained an understanding of the big picture, and met their counterparts in complementary organizations.

Welcoming Spaces

Trained newcomers fanned out across the city to analyse how aptly dozens of Surrey places and organizations meet their needs. They identified best practices and, equally important, areas where there is room for improvement.

Youth Engagement Projects

Exactly 50% of newcomers are 24 years or under upon arrival. These projects helped them determine the supports and outlets they need, then helped deliver them.

Three films were made in 2013 by youth in Surrey, BC, with the Surrey Welcoming Communities Project, Pacific Community Resources, and Guildford Youth Resource Centre.

Youth participants shared their stories as new Canadians, and chose to make films on the subjects of stereotypes and judgement, youth employment, learning English, and their hopes and dreams.