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Take the Dip with us!

Take the Dip with us!

Citizens are heading out all around the City to Take the Dip and take action against water pollution in our creeks, streams and rivers. Join us as we gather a water quality snap shot of Surrey's waterways.  The results of each Dip will help us pinpoint pollution concerns that can affect the habitats of local salmon, trout and other aquatic bugs and plants.  The more Dips we get the better chance we have at taking action to support our healthy water habitats!

Participate in Take the Dip

Take the Dip event on World Rivers Day

This year, World Rivers Day falls on Semptember 24, 2017. Show your support for local rivers and Take the Dip! Hundreds of people participate annunally. One Day, One Dip. Make a Difference.

School Class/ Community Group

Have a larger group that wants to take the Dip as paart of World Rivers Day or be part of an ongoing stream assessment project? We can support your group through delivering presentations and field training sessions on water quality and how to take the Dip. Ongoing support following training to restock water quality supplies and offer activity suggestions. Sign up for the Take the Dip event or year-round.

How to take the dip

Water Pollution

Even if the water ‘looks’ clean it may have small amounts of a pollutant or chemical in it that can affect how well salmon, trout, and other aquatic bugs and plants can live in the stream or creek. Everything that makes its way through a storm drain on the street goes to a nearby stream or creek.  If you see a spill or pollution concern call the Service Request Hotline at 604-591-4152 (24hrs)

Group taking the DIP

The Dip for Groups & Classes

Check this for specialized Dip Action Projects for organized groups and school classes

Understanding the Dip Results

Understanding the Dip

Know what your dip tests say about our local streams and creeks.

Coho salmon fry in Oswald Creek

Positive Dip Results

Watch this page for your water quality Dip result to be posted!

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Water Pollution

Contact Surrey if you see your local creek water looking murky or a strange colour - it may be water pollution.