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Salmon Marshal (SaM) Programs

kids for salmon protection

Have you ever walked past a creek and wondered how you can help it be healthier?

Take part in a Salmon Marshal action project to learn about waterways and how to protect them. The Salmon Marshal (SaM) Programs give everyone a chance to make a difference, whether through a small change in your daily life to taking part in fun challenges or events that really make an impact.

All the programs are free and we encourage everyone from preschoolers to seniors to give it a try. If you are a teacher and wish to have your class take part in any activities check out the pages below to see how you can teach about the environment in the classroom.

Take the Dip with us!

Take the Dip With Us!

Join us to take action to support local rivers and Take the Dip!

storm drain marking kit

Salmon Tracks

Painting yellow fish, or making 'salmon tracks', is a great way to contribute to safer water ways within the city.

Doing the Challenge one fish at a time!

Storm Drain Marking Challenge

Make your mark on the city starting May 7, 2017 by painting yellow fish beside storm drains!

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