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Partners in Sustainability

Two volunteers, one wearing a blue wig, at Party for the Planet 2012.

We're working to deliver key sustainability programs to the broader community with the help of our partnerships.

Our partnerships and collaboration are critical for bringing forward new ideas and innovations. We know moving towards sustainability requires the contribution of all individuals and sectors in society.

So, we have a number of exciting partnerships to further sustainability in our community.

Current partnerships

Fraser Basin Council

The Fraser Basin Council is a non-profit society that collaborates with Federal, Provincial, Municipal and First Nations governments to foster sustainability throughout the Fraser Basin. They work on a number of issues relevant to Surrey, such as climate change adaptation, air quality, and sustainable watersheds.

We've been very involved in the Green Fleets program, and have received a gold rating for sustainable management of our corporate fleet, which included the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and fuelling stations.

Local Governments for Sustainability

Local Governments for Sustainability is an international organization that provides technical consulting, training, and information services to support local governments in implementing sustainable development.

The City of Surrey partnered with this organization to develop our Climate Adaptation Strategy, which aims to build resiliency in the face of current and projected climate changes.

Cool It! Climate Leadership Training Program

The Cool It! Climate Leadership Training program, run by the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) with support from the City of Surrey, develops and empowers young sustainability champions in schools in British Columbia.

Formerly known as the Climate Change Showdown, Cool It! is an interactive environmental workshop and contest for students in grades 4 to 7. Following the workshop, students take home the four-week Cool It! Challenge that encourages families to make easy but important changes to their energy consumption.

High School Climate Challenge

The High School Climate Challenge gives students from competing schools the tools to assess and reduce their school’s carbon footprint and contribute to climate change solutions. Through the program, students collect data on: electricity, heating, paper, water and more.

They use this data to track and calculate their school's greenhouse gas emissions and develop action plans. The High School Climate Challenge is run by the Clean Air Champions, with support from the City of Surrey.

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