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Employment opportunities with SHaRP

join the SHaRP team!

If you're a post-secondary student or a highschool student you can apply for a SHaRP position. You can apply for a Program Team Leader Position or a Program Crew Member Position.

Applying for a Position

Job opportunities are available for post-secondary students from the end of April through until the end of August. Job opportunities for Surrey high-school students are available for the months of July and August. Both roles have the potential for fall work as well if you are interested.

Check back in January/February, on this page and your career councillor's offices for job postings. If you are a post-secondary student, and in April/May if you are a Surrey high school student.

For both roles, assets include:

  • Ability to conduct physical activities
  • Effective communication with others
  • Ability to work within a team

If you have questions about the opportunities please contact the SHaRP Program Coordinator of Dillon Consulting Limited at

2018 SHaRP Program Team Leader Positions

Team leader opportunities available for 2018 will be posted by the end of Janaury 2018 - keep watching the webpage for updates.

The employment period is approximately 17.5 weeks (May 1, 2018 to August 29, 2018) working 8 hour days at a wage of $19/hour. These positions have additional work term opportunities within a 3 month extension for September 10, 2018 to December 7,2018.

Team Leader position interviews will occur in February and successful applicants are selected by early-March.

2018 SHaRP Program Crew Member Positions

Annually, we hire up to 22 Surrey high school students that are passionate about the outdoors and are eager to share their environmental interest with the community. Students entering grades 11 or 12, as well as newly graduated students are eligible. Candidates are selected based on experience and their enthusiasm about Surrey's environment and who will contribute to the team's dynamics.The 2018 Crew member job posting will be updated on this webpage by May 1, 2018.

The 2018 employment period is from July 4, 2018, to August 24, 2018, working 7 hour days at a wage of $13/hour. These positions have additional work term opportunities for full and part time work in fall 2018 (September 10, 2018 - December 7, 2018). Crew member interviews will occur in late May/early june and successful applicants are selected by mid-June.

SHaRP History

SHaRP has hired post-secondary students as team leaders and Surrey high-school students as crew members since 1996 to promote watershed stewardship and habitat enhancement for fish species within Surrey. That means that over 600 students have been a part of the program over the 23 years since SHaRP has been in operation!

See SHaRP around town in their shirts with the bright yellow fish? We'll be working in and around watercourses to improve fish habitat and teach other community members about this important resource in Surrey. The SHaRP students will be working on:

  1. Watershed enhancement projects involving slope stabilization using bioengineering techniques, debris removal, riparian planting, invasive plant species removal, erosion protection, and other instream complexing works to enhance fish habitat.
  2. Community education outreach programs at schools, daycares, community events, libraries, parks, ...etc. all over the city. The team is out and about educating and engaging residents about Surrey's natural heritage and what they can do to preserve fish and fish habitat.
  3. Agricultural stewardship projects and partnerships with the farming community to encourage agricultural land management practices that are also fish friendly. These projects involve on-farm demonstrations of management practices, constructs fences to limit livestock access to creeks, and provides information to landowners about environmental initiatives.
  4. Industrial education outreach and business certification at local businesses to promote environmental awareness within industrial areas about storm drain pollution and to celebrate all the great efforts these businesses are making toward protecting sensitive stream habitat in Surrey.
  5. Media and public relations efforts to get the word out about SHaRP and the work these students are conducting to better local environments.  Connect with local media through TV, radio, print sources and social media.

If you have any questions about the application process you can contact us at or call 604-591-4383.

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