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Trees on Private Property

Large tree on private property.

Trees on private property in Surrey are protected by Surrey Tree Protection By-law, 2006 No. 16100. This by-law protects our urban forests by reducing the number of trees that are unnecessarily removed, killed or damaged and by requiring the replanting of  replacement trees. We acknowledge there are times when trees have to be removed but we also have to keep our promise to protect Surrey's trees and urban forest.

To balance these two needs, Surrey's certified arborists and landscape architects ensure that all tree cutting permits meet the by-law requirements.

Before removing or pruning a protected tree on your property or before commencing a construction project, ensure that you are familiar with Surrey's tree protection requirements. There are costly penalties for removing or damaging a tree that is protected under the by-law. Make sure you have all the information before you impact any protected trees.

Contact the Tree & Landscaping section at 604-591-4675 or by email at .