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Salmon Marshal (SaM) School Programs

Storm drain marking activity

Have your class take part in one or more of the activities below to learn about Surrey's watersheds, water pollution concerns, and what you can do to help make a difference for the local creeks.

Take the Dip

In conjunction with BC and World Rivers Day, which occurs on the last Sunday in September each year, people are taking action to learn about and help protect their local waterways through easy, colour-changing water quality tests.  Your dip helps pinpoint pollution concerns that can affect the habitats of local salmon, trout, and other aquatic bugs and plants. The more Dips we get the better chance we have at taking action to support our healthy water habitats. Register for your Take the Dip action project packages are available for groups and school classes in early September with action projects due the first week in October.

Salmon Tracks

Salmon Tracks is a storm drain marking program and an activity for your school, class, or group to get involved in learning about salmon habitat and finding ways to maintain our streams' water quality.

Salmon Tracks connects a curriculum-based classroom presentation with hands on activities and fieldwork in your neighbourhood. It's a great chance to apply environmental concepts into the field and contribute to cleaner waterways within your City and community.

Getting started

  1. Fill out and return the Salmon Tracks application form by email to, or fax it to us at 604-591-8693. Contact the City of Surrey at 604-591-4321 if you have any questions.
  2. You will have the choice of receiving a 20-minute presentation all about the connection storm drains have to the environment. This can happen on the same day you wish to mark storm drains or at a more convenient time for your group. You will also be able to borrow the marking kit(s) for up to 2 weeks if you prefer to complete the activity at a different time.
  3. The City will provide a map of your neighbourhood and the location of the storm drains needing to be marked. The drains you mark should be recorded on the maps provided so that the City can track all the drains completed throughout the City.
  4. On your storm drain marking day, your group will also be distributing door hangers to the neighbourhood you are in to make the residents aware of the program and the work your group has done in the neighbourhood.
  5. Once drains have been marked, you and your group can feel proud for having participated in a program to keep Surrey’s streams healthy for you and the salmon!

Storm Drain Marking Challenge

Each spring we have a Storm Drain Marking Challenge event where you, your class or your community group (i.e. brownie/scout/guide troup, religious group, school eco clubs, etc), can take on the challenge to mark 30 storm drains in 30 days. It is a great activity to get out in the spring weather and make a lasting change for the environment. When you sign up you also get entered into a draw to win some great prizes!

Enviroscape Model

Teach your class about watersheds and water pollution in an interactive way! The model is a great aid in discussing overall watershed concepts, through a small waterway connecting to a larger body of water that can represent a lake, bay or ocean. It also demonstrates what non-point source pollution is and the steps that everyone can take to help prevent it.

Kids love pretending to be the pollution impacting the model using food products to represent oil, chemicals, fertilizers, and more! Pollution and runoff are visible on the model when rain falls over the landscape carrying soil, air pollution, chemicals and oil through a watershed to a body of water. The model comes with a simple to read guidebook that take educators step-by-step through the activity.

Call 604-591-4383 or email to book the Enviroscape for your class (drop off and pick up of model to school provided).

Secondary School Presentations

We can provide customized presentations to your classes so that your students can relate various environmental issues in their own backyard!

Presentations can vary in length and scope so that it suits the topics that you need to cover in your class. Call 604-591-4383 to discuss possible presentation content and book presentation times.

Environmental Education Resource Guide (Compendium)

This guide provides a list of many of the local programs and resources available for your classes. It also lists many of the online resources, lesson plans and programs which could also be helpful for you. Science, Social Studies and Language Arts PLOs are linked with local programs, in the back of the guide.

Download your copy of the compendium or contact us at 604-591-4321 so that we can send you a hardcopy.

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