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Translation Services


The City of Surrey offers a free, over-the-phone translation service to assist individuals with Municipal questions and inquiries.

Translation is available in more than 170 languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Farsi, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and French.

How to speak with a translator:

In person: The City of Surrey offers interpretation services at all City facilities. Each location has translation cards on the counter. Point to a language on the cards and the staff member will call a translator for you.

Phone: If you have difficulty communicating in English, call the City of Surrey General Line 604 591 4011 for assistance. They will call a a translator over the phone for you.

Online: The online translation service on the City of Surrey’s web site is hosted by Google Translate ( window). The quality of the translation may be different in some of the languages offered by Google ( window). The basic translation’s goal is to give the basic idea of the original English material.