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Submitting a Sustainable Development Checklist

Additional materials with Checklists

The Sustainable Development Checklist seeks information that is generally available at the time you submit a development application to the City. Generally, there are no more materials required to fill out the checklist than is required under a typical development application.

But, to ensure accountability, expect Surrey staff to request additional information, such as:

  • photos of installed systems or products
  • design drawings
  • professional reports
  • copies of receipts,
  • or other records that can be used to verify the implementation of the selected sustainability measures.

We encourage you to provide as much information as possible to assist City staff in their review of development proposals. The relevance of the Checklist questions will depend on the nature and scope of your project, so not all questions will be applicable to all projects.

Number of Checklists

You, as the applicant, only need to complete and submit 1 Checklist per development site at the land use application stage, even though there may be multiple concurrent applications being processed for the site, such as a Official Community Plan amendment or a rezoning and development permit.

You'll submit the Stage 2 component of the Checklist at the time of building permit application for a site that has undergone a Stage 1 review, and been approved by Council.

Time to complete Checklists

On average, it takes applicants 15 to 25 minutes to complete the form. There are questions under each of the 11 sections of the Sustainable Development Checklist. The time it takes varies, however, depending on the significance and scale of your application.

Public access to Checklists

The public may request a review of any completed checklist related to a development application. Copies of the checklist are maintained by the Planning and Development Department. The Department makes checklists available at the Surrey Sustainability office following completion of the project.